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4 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School
The education experts at The Learning Partnership know just how important it is for parents to actively participate in their child’s education. An engaged parent can make all the difference between a child who simply attends school because they’re required to, versus one who is motived to be the best they can be – not just in school but in life. So you want to get involved but don’t know where to start? Whether they’re in kindergarten or Grade 12, here are four ways parents can help their children succeed in school. Read more.
Healthy media activities for pre-schoolers 4 Healthy Media Activities for Families with Pre-Schoolers
Through digital media, we communicate with each other freely, entertain ourselves endlessly and find any type of information at the click of our fingers. Computers, tablets, cell phones and televisions are in the home and the community. The influence of media is everywhere. Raising children in this digital age is filled with opportunity and also with challenges. Read more.
Healthy media activities for pre-schoolers 3 Ways to Spark Student Interest in Coding
As Canada’s workforce is evolving and becoming increasingly digitalized, the skillsets needed for the 21st century are evolving as well. Close to 90 per cent of jobs now require basic information, communications and technology (ICT) skills, yet there’s a chronic shortage of skills in the Canadian tech sector. Studies predict that Canada will be short 180,000 ICT workers. Read more.
7 Common Household Items that are Early Learning Tools in Disguise
Starting school for the first time should be an exciting time for four-year-olds, and their parents and caregivers - and a positive start to their journey can begin right at home. From kitchen utensils to old cell phones, The Learning Partnership identifies seven common household items that can build the foundation for early leaning. Read more.
6 Ways to Stay Active and Healthy Throughout the School Year
With summer winding down, the endless afternoons of running and playing outside are coming to an end – but cooler weather doesn’t have to mean staying inside! This school year, The Learning Partnership suggests six simple ways to keep your children healthy and active. Read more.


5 Ways to Prepare Early for the "World of Work"
Are you prepared for life after graduation? Do you know what you want to do once you’re “out there”? Whether it's your graduating year or you have many years of back-to-schools to come, there are things you can do now to help you prepare for that dream career you can’t wait to start. The Learning Partnership’s school-to-work transition experts have compiled the following list of initiatives you can take this year to help you get a leg up on career readiness. Read more.
5 Cool Careers that Require STEM Skills
It’s time to go back to school and you may be one of those students who still wonder about the point of learning statistics or algebra, or dread chemistry class and science lab. While it may be tempting to drop your science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses now, when they’re no longer required courses, you could be closing the door on some of the coolest jobs tomorrow – and ones you probably didn’t even realize – if you do. Here are 8 cool careers that require a background in STEM education. Read more.
5 Activities to Spark Your Entrepreneurial Spirit this School Year
Learning about entrepreneurship early in your school journey not only gives you a sneak peek at how the world of business works, it can help prepare you for life. You learn to brainstorm ideas, set goals, budget, identify your strengths, and learn about society around you and how to personally contribute to it. This school year, The Learning Partnership suggests five activities you can do to kick-start your entrepreneurial spirit now and get you started on the path to future success. Read more.
Why Student Volunteering is Critical to Future Success and 5 Steps to Get Started
Volunteering is about helping others, but it also has other great rewards and benefits that can help you throughout life. Make this school year the time to get on the right path to a rewarding journey of volunteering. Not only will you contribute positively to your community and society, you’ll also experience personal and professional growth through new interests, skills and strong connections that can build a strong foundation for your future. Read more.

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