4 Healthy Media Activities for Families with Pre-Schoolers

Through digital media, we communicate with each other freely, entertain ourselves endlessly and find any type of information at the click of our fingers. Computers, tablets, cell phones and televisions are in the home and the community. The influence of media is everywhere. Raising children in this digital age is filled with opportunity and also with challenges. The early years are a critical time in making healthy media choices and developing solid habits that nurture positive growth.

So, how can families successfully structure and navigate the virtual world on behalf of their young children? We have four ways for you to engage in healthy media consumption activities for your little ones.

  1. Engage with your child in their media experience to help your child develop socially, promote language development and enrich learning.

  2. Be selective about your child’s media experiences and look for open-ended, creative opportunities that generate conversation.

  3. Balance media time with playtime. Make unplugged playtime a daily priority. Ensure family mealtimes and other social gatherings remain tech-free.

  4. Use parental control settings that keep your child safe from inappropriate internet content.
Did you know?
There’s a free Welcome to KindergartenTM app that helps parents work with their child to develop fundamental skills through play which help them prepare for a fun and successful first year in school. Children play with the alphabet and numbers, paint freely with their fingers, discover shapes, learn to share, and sing along with a music player. Download it now in the App Store for iOS devices or in the Google Play store for Android devices.

These tips are provided by education experts at The Learning Partnership, a national, charitable organization dedicated to advancing publicly funded education in Canada, through innovative student programs, including Welcome to KindergartenTM.

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Gerry Connelly
Special Advisor, Education Policy

The former Director of Education of the Toronto District School Board and Director of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Branch in the Ontario Ministry of Education, Gerry Connelly is an expert on education trends and practices. Her career includes teaching and administration in both rural and urban environments in Alberta, the Northwest Territories, the United States and Ontario.