Businesses invited to partner in career mentorship program for high school graduates


Help high school graduates realize their workforce potential!

Many talented high school graduates with solid grades and great potential choose to take a year off because they have not made a decision about their postsecondary education options or simply because they cannot afford it. Many of these youth will struggle to find jobs that are stable for that year and fewer still will find jobs that have any relation to a future career. Many employers in Canada expect graduates to be work-ready by the time they start their jobs – but in order for this to occur, they need exposure to the workforce to help build practical job experience.

We need your help with job placements!
Companies will receive a subsidy of up to $6,000

As an employer, your organization can offer these recent high school graduates the opportunity to explore real career options. We invite you to play an influential role through a new Ontario government program called, Experience Ontario. Through this program, participants will have access to a combination of paid work placements, career coaching, mentorship, and information about postsecondary education and training opportunities.
Each participant is paired with a personal career coach to help them develop an education and career plan based on their strengths and interests. They received training on workplace etiquette, safety, and skills such as decision making, and innovative and creative thinking - skills that are a prerequisite to successful integration into the workforce. Participants will have up to three different placements totalling nine months in sectors related to their career interests.

Your workforce gains motivated youth keen on making a contribution, with support from a career coach.
Companies will receive a financial incentive to offset participants’ wages. Employers pay participants at least the minimum wage and are eligible for a subsidy of up to $2,000 for each participant for each three-month fulltime placement to a maximum of $6,000.
Organizations will be contributing to a key area of need in education – the school to work transition.
Companies can promote jobs in their sector to youth seeking opportunities.
Participating organizations will receive recognition via The Learning Partnership.
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For more information, contact:

Jessica Shearer
Employer Partnership Coordinator
647 252 3582

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