06 2016

Two Final Winners Announced in Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow Challenge

May 6th 2016
Samsung Canada announced this week the two winners of Canada’s first-ever Solve for Tomorrow Education Challenge. Congratulations to Gordon Graydon High School (Mississauga, Ontario) and South Colchester Academy (Brookfield, Nova Scotia)! Each school receives a $50,000 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow technology grant, tailored specifically to meet each school’s technology needs. 

The Learning Partnership, along with Let’s Talk Science, is proud to support the Solve for Tomorrow Challenge, which aims to deepen the passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills among Canadian students in grades six through 12. 

Launched in September 2015, the Solve for Tomorrow Challenge invited classrooms at participating schools to identify community issues that can be resolved using STEM. The two school projects harnessed the power of STEM in their own individual ways. Gordon Graydon High School students tackled micro-bead pollution issues within our Great Lakes, identifying a solution that could reap huge environmental benefits for these vibrant water-systems. In Nova Scotia, South Colchester Academy students used STEM to solve water issues that were not only flooding their school’s soccer field, but damaging a nearby river’s ecosystem.

“The students’ solutions to community issues showcase what is possible when you spark the passion of STEM learning in Canadian classrooms,” says Mark Childs, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Canada. “Samsung is committed to bringing Canadian students closer to 21st century learning through technology, and we look forward to fostering and helping this innovation come alive for the students at Gordon Graydon and South Colchester Academy.”

“The Learning Partnership is delighted to support Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow Challenge in raising awareness of and nurturing STEM learning among Canadian students,” says Akela Peoples, President and CEO of The Learning Partnership. “As the workforce becomes increasingly more globalized and technology-focused, STEM skills ensure our students are empowered to compete successfully in a complex global economy and drive Canada’s continued competitive edge.”

The schools will also host well-known Canadian YouTubers Mitchell Moffitt and Greg Brown of AsapSCIENCE for STEM-inspired celebration events— giving students a chance to ‘show-and-tell’ how they solved an issue in their community by applying STEM. The winning projects will then be featured in an AsapTHOUGHT video created by Mitch and Greg themselves.

As one of Samsung’s educational partners, we congratulate the students at Gordon Graydon and South Colchester Academy for their award-winning projects. To see each school’s winning video submissions, please visit