02 2017

The Learning Partnership joins Canada in celebrating Financial Literacy Month

November 2nd 2017

The Learning Partnership is pleased to join the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada in celebrating Financial Literacy Month this November. We are also honoured to have our Save the Camp! mobile and web app featured at the National Conference on Financial Literacy as an innovative youth education initiative that harnesses the power of game-based learning to build financial literacy.


Save the Camp! featured at the National Financial Literacy Conference by Financial Consumer Agency of Canada as an innovative initiative in financial education for youth.

In February 2017, The Learning Partnership, in collaboration with Meridian, launched Save the Camp! as a new digital resource to support financial literacy in Canadian students. Based on the feedback of subject matter experts and financial literacy stakeholders, we designed a web and mobile game that teaches basic money management skills while delivering a fun and engaging experience. To date, Save the Camp! has attracted more than 7,000 users and became among the top educational games on App Store Canada. The success of this resource could not have been possible without the incredible partnership of Meridian who has a long standing commitment to the communities they service. They contributed expert knowledge of the financial system and facilitated key relationships with stakeholders such as the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. Save the Camp! is one example of how valuable partners from business, non-profit and education sectors can work together to help address important issues impacting Canadian students today.

This year’s them for Financial Literacy Month is "Take charge of your finances: It pays to know!". To help spread the word and promote Financial Literacy Month, visit the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s website.

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