11 2016

Education Experts Share Important Tips for Back-To-School Success

August 11th 2016
National Education Charity, The Learning Partnership, Offers Expertise on Healthy Media, Coding, Careers and Physical Activity
 TORONTO, ON, August 15, 2016 – As summer winds down, eternally keen students are ramping up to get back to school in September. The Learning Partnership – Canada’s largest not-for-profit organization that advocates for publicly funded education – is pleased to share expert advice with students and parents on how to make the best out of the new school year.
This year, The Learning Partnership offers a range of tips aimed at students and parents to help them start the year on the right foot in the areas of parent engagement, development of global competencies, career planning, social responsibility, early childhood learning, and child health and wellness. These tips include:

For Parents For Students The following education experts are available for further comment on these and many other back-to-school topics:
  • Jan Courtin, Director, National Student Programs, The Learning Partnership
  • Gerry Connelly, Special Advisor, Education Policy, The Learning Partnership
  • Akela Peoples, President and CEO, The Learning Partnership
For more information, please consult our back-to-school tips, expert topics and expert bios.

The Learning Partnership is also all a-buzz because it has a number of its own initiatives launching this fall, including:
Canada’s Outstanding PrincipalsTM Nominations  Every year The Learning Partnership honours principals across the country who exemplify excellence in public education. Chosen by a national selection committee, these outstanding principals come to Toronto to be recognized at an annual gala awards evening, experience a five-day Executive Leadership Training program at the Rotman School of Management, and become part of the alumni group – the National Academy of Principals. Nominations for the 2017 Canada’s Outstanding Principals awards are open until October 31, 2016 and submissions are invited from school boards, colleagues, parents, teachers, students and all community members.
Take Our Kids to WorkTM  Wednesday, November 2, 2016 will mark 22 years of The Learning Partnership’s flagship program, Take Our Kids to Work.  On this nationally renowned day, Grade 9 students across Canada will accompany parents, guardians, relatives or volunteers to their workplaces to experience a day in the life of someone on-the-job, helping them connect school with the world of work and their own futures. Also, in an effort to extend the learning experience beyond first year of high school, The Learning Partnership launched Take Our Class to Work, where participating classes select and visit a workplace to learn about the organization as part of the province’s Grade 10 Careers Studies Course.
Coding QuestThis year, The Learning Partnership launched a new program aimed at developing coding skills among Grades 4, 5 and 6 students. Incorporated into school curriculums, the Coding Quest program sees students working with their teachers to create their own computer games in the classroom through coding, creative thinking and the application of STEM skills. The program culminates with a Coding Quest arcade, in which students showcase their video games to the public.
Student Programs  As always, back-to-school for The Learning Partnership also means kick-starting another year of delivering its successful student programs in classrooms across Canada to complement curriculum. In addition to Take Our Kids to Work and Coding Quest, The Learning Partnership will run: Entrepreneurial Adventure, an entrepreneurial-based program; Investigate! Invent! Innovate!TM, a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)-based program; Welcome to KindergartenTM, an early-learning program for pre-kindergarten children and their parents; Turning Points, a character awareness and literacy program, and Real Talk, an innovative career app that provides students with peer-to-peer perspectives.
About The Learning Partnership
The Learning Partnership is a national charity dedicated to building stakeholder partnerships to support, promote and advance publicly funded education in Canada. We do this through five key deliverables - innovative student programs, executive leadership for educators, knowledge mobilization and policy, tribute celebrations of excellence and ongoing collaborations across Canada. Since 1993, more than 6.5 million students have participated in The Learning Partnership's programs.

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