Recent university graduate Hilary Parks is the Leadership Coordinator for Scotiabank’s Global Talent Management division. But nine years ago, she was a Grade 9 student who wasn’t yet thinking about her career path. She went with her dad to Scotiabank for Take Our Kids to Work day and that experience jump-started the dialogue around someday working for a living.
“When I attended Take Our Kids to Work day it kind of set in that I was going to have to go to work someday – I wasn’t always just going to live under my parents,” says Hilary. “It definitely opened up the dialogue about work in general.”
Prior to Take Our Kids to Work day, Hilary had never seen what a real ‘day in the office’ looked like. On that day, Hilary had the chance to job shadow her father who was, at the time, a District Vice President with Scotiabank in Toronto. As Hilary travelled with her father to the different branches he managed, she realized that she would have to start thinking about where she saw herself in the future and what workplace qualities she valued.
The exposure of seeing the “inside” of Scotiabank, along with career conversations with her father, helped guide Hilary toward the opportunities she would pursue. And though she didn’t know it at the time, they also solidified her choice to start a career with Scotiabank, first holding summer jobs at the bank throughout university and ultimately leading her to her current full-time role as Leadership Coordinator – where she actually now helps plan and run Scotiabank’s Take Our Kids to Work day.
“For me, Take Our Kids to Work opened my eyes to all the opportunities that one organization can offer you,” says Hilary. And that’s what she and her colleagues at Scotiabank try to impart on their cohort of Grade 9 participants each year. “I think a lot of students can be a little overwhelmed thinking that they have to take a certain path to get to a certain job, and I think that at Scotiabank, on our Take Our Kids to Work day, we broaden their awareness about a number of different paths you could take and end up in one organization.”
But for Hilary, even more important than that, Take Our Kids to Work day is just an important starting point. “I think this day opens the opportunity to just speak to someone – a parent, a friend’s parent, a sponsor – who is in a professional field to get expert advice on their careers.”


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