Growing up, Sheldon Scott was no stranger to the world of work. His father owned his own courier delivery service and would often take Sheldon for a drive during one of his delivery runs. It was something Sheldon enjoyed doing, spending time with his dad.
But even with this upbringing, Sheldon recalls his life 10 years ago, as a 14-year-old, being all-consumed with sports and not exactly focused on the life ahead.
So when he found out about participating in Take Our Kids to Work day, he didn’t think too much about it. He knew right away that he would be following his dad around, just as he did throughout his childhood.
On that day however, his dad took the time to explain in more detail, the kind of tasks he did and what was involved. But the main thing that stuck out in his mind was seeing his dad interact with his clients with such great rapport.
“I think it’s really good for kids to go to work with their parents and see how they are in their work environment. I know for a fact that I saw my dad in a whole different light. It was refreshing and new to see him so care-free and doing something that he loves to do,” says Sheldon.
That day on the job with his dad validated for Sheldon his desire to work with people and perhaps, one day run his own business. Ten years later, he is now a full-time personal trainer, who owns his own business, working with people every single day to help them achieve their personal goals.
"As a student, you may not think of what that Take Our Kids to Work experience does for you on that day, but it does impact you later down the road,” he says. “I believe there is a connection with our interests and our parents’ interests. Whether we realize or agree with that or not, we feel that influence from them. Being able to experience a job or a way of life with a parent is a great opportunity.”


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