It’s My Future!

Capturing the students' opinions on education — today and for the future

As a result of The Learning Parntership’s 2012 Summit on the Future of Education in Canada, we realized that we needed to ask students what they wanted from our publicly funded education system. We believe students have a voice in shaping the future of education – so we launched It’s My Future. For this initiative we travelled across Canada talking with students in high schools, colleges and universities.

This year It’s My Future! was a dialogue with secondary and post-secondary students across Canada. In all, we:

  • Held 16 focus groups  — at least one in each province and in both official languages
  • Launched an ongoing national online student survey
  • Conducted key informant interviews with educators, parents and business leaders
  • Offered students the opportunity to connect with government and school board policy makers
Through this discussion with Canadian students, The Learning Partnership aims to improve Canada’s understanding of the gaps that students experience in education that impact their transitions out of the public school system and into the workforce. In particular, we wish to gain significant insights into how students think about and plan for life after school.

Students have shared their opinions!

We asked them:
  • How well is the Canadian public education system working?
  • Where are the opportunities for enhancement to education?
  • How is education preparing you for your future?
  • What information are you using to make post-secondary choices?
  • How do you decide on your education and career pathway?
  • What information would you like thatyou don't currently receive?

Students can still participate: use the hashtag #ItsMyFuture and join the conversation. This is your chance to help shape the future of education in Canada.

Youth Forums Across Canada

We visited every province including sessions in:
St. John’s
In addition, we received many submissions from students in the territories who offered their thoughts on education through a letter-writing campaign.
In order to ensure that we ‘got it right,’ The Learning Partnership brought 22 students from across Canada to a National Student Symposium in Toronto. Our team is compiling all of the student input that we received. These insights will be consolidated into a final report to be released in September of 2014!

These final It’s My Future findings will be shared with federal and provincial governments, as well as school boards, community organizations and business leaders, to ensure that all key stakeholders hear the voices of Canada’s youth.
Did you know?
  • In less than 25 years, two-thirds of Canada’s population will be either too old or too young to work.
  • 50% of Canadian arts and science university graduates are working jobs that don’t require a university credential two years after graduation.


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For more information, contact:
Serge Béliveau
Director of National Programs-Francophone & Indigenous Communities, Research and Information Technology