First Nations Students Working and Traveling Outside of their Community.

Deh Gah Elementary & Secondary School is a K-12 public school with a predominantly First Nations population in the Northwest Territories.  There are approximately 160 students who struggle with basic literacy skills.  Most families have few or no books in the home and do not live in a literacy-rich environment (i.e. no signs, billboards, etc. - contrast it to any larger community or city where you see it everywhere).  Deh Gah  is the only school in the NWT who operates on a year-round basis, and offers extensive  experiential land-based programs with on the land 6-week immersion programs, Take-a-Kid Hunting & Trapping and multiday river trips - the longest being 2 weeks.

Deh Gah’s focus is on providing many of their secondary students the opportunity to travel in the summer. The school believes that these initiatives can help students start planning for their post-secondary lives.  Due to their isolation and lack of summer job opportunities, they actively try to create as many opportunities for students to go south to see what life in different locations is like where possible.
Students have participated in the following programs:

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Director, Research & Equity
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