Hamilton- Wentworth District School Board are considering the return of the one- room classroom

The one room classroom is where students from different ages and grades learn in the same classroom. The class is taught by a teacher or two instructors.

The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board is considering the return of the one room classroom. Schools in Hamilton have been challenged to rethink the traditional way students learn. John Malloy, Director of Education at Hamilton-Wentworth sees students from different grades working together to solve problems such as water shortages and world hunger. This is an opportunity to engage students and prepare them for the workplace by collaborative working.  Mr. Malloy said:

“Students develop in many different ways – socially, emotionally, academically – and sometimes the construct that we have in schools only allows things to happen in one way.  “The world we live in now and the world of the near future clearly needs us to be flexible, creative, collaborative and adaptive. The way we teach in our high schools has the power to help students in this regard.”

Hamilton-Wentworth is considering extending the model of multi-age across the school district. This inspiration came from Michael Barber, education adviser to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Mr. Barber believes early teamwork in the classroom allows students to think critically.

The Board does not know how the change will take place. Grade levels will remain; there will be the opportunity for learners from different grades to take classes depending on their interests, ability and the appropriateness of the material.

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