EcoKids are offering exciting games and fun activities for students and teachers!

EcoKids offer a range of resources geared towards teachers and students. With approximately 10,000 members, EcoKids is one of the fastest growing educational sites for teachers. Designed for teachers and educators grades K-8, eco kids offers programs that give teachers the information they need and the ideas they want to help their students reach their full potential and make learning fun. EcoKids has compiled a large library of resources. EcoKids offer fun science experiments and educational curriculum designed for your classroom needs. 
In a single destination, EcoKids offers:

•         Hands-on, fun and short activities can easily be done in the classroom.
•         Comprehensive curriculum linked lesson plans
•         Access to Literacy content including eco books for classrooms and clubs
•         Worksheets and Printable. The educational materials are great tools for teachers to make subjects like reading, writing, and science fun and engaging
•         ESL/FSL lessons plans
•         Homework help section for students that gives information on water, waste, energy, etc.

All of this and much more is available free!

Activities are a wonderful way of showing kids that learning can be fun. EcoKids provides hands-on projects and games that are both exciting and educational. With fun activities for students in elementary school and topics that range from ecology-themed games to science projects and craft activities, there is something to suit the preferences of any child. Teachers and students can do these fun activities indoors and outdoors year round!

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Director, Research & Equity
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