High School Students at Charlottetown Rural Participate in College Courses.

Charlottetown Rural is a school with 1000 students in grades 10 to 12.  Students come from rural and suburban areas and there is a good balance socioeconomically in their student body.  It is an International Baccalaureate World School offering students the opportunity to achieve an International Baccalaureate diploma.  They offer advanced, academic, general and practical programs and as well individualized education programs for students. Courses are provided for EAL students. They have an instrumental program with concert bands and jazz ensembles.  One-third of the student body is in the French Immersion program.   Charlottetown Rural has a good Athletic program with opportunities for students in many extracurricular sports and receives a number of provincial titles each year.  There is a diverse range of Students' Council activities with good participation.

For school-to-work transitions, Charlottetown Rural offers a program for selected applicants each year.  In this program, students participate in courses at Holland College, and gain firsthand experience in a number of college programs. Students work in groups and rotate through four to five college course clusters where they have the opportunity to work with college instructors, one of their teachers and a mentor.  At the conclusion of each rotation, students present information on the rotation and their experiences for college staff, parents, and other educators.  This program has been valuable for students to gain information on college programs and to develop skills around group work and preparing presentations in a workplace setting.  Their partnership with Holland College has provided a unique learning opportunity for students and has influenced many in their post-secondary plans.
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Gen-Ling Chang
Director, Research & Equity
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