Career Planning Starts in Grade 8 at David Thompson Secondary School.

David Thompson Secondary has 1750 students in grades 8-12. The school is located in a multicultural neighborhood where most of its members are part of the working-class. Over 40 languages are represented and as a result, a high percentage of students do not speak English at home. Several new low income immigrants and refugees live in the neighborhood; they are a very highly academic group heavy into Math and Science. The school offers Special Education programs: Gifted LD, Autism, Learning support, Social Development that is all highly integrated. The school also offers support for over 150 other students with designations.  David Thompson has a strong and positively-framed EBS type Code of Conduct, very active student voice, and a strong public art program.  The school is also involved and highly successful in Science fairs, Exploravision, etc.

David Thompson offers a Career preparation program with over 240 students in Grades 11 and 12 who go out on work experience placements.  The school organizes a Grade 8 Career day to expose students to the variety of job opportunities that exist, to allow them begin thinking about careers, and to begin making the connection that school leads to a career!  Students are asked to make a commitment to a career interest and find out everything they need to know about how to get there, both in their high school and post-secondary choices, understanding that they will likely change their minds repeatedly in the next week, month, and year.  Follow-up happens in Grade 9 when they redefine or deepen their choice, and again, identify all the steps required, right through Grade 10 when the Planning curriculum takes over.
For more information, contact:

Gen-Ling Chang
Director, Research & Equity
647 252 3581