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What is Entrepreneurial Adventure?
Entrepreneurial Adventure is a free experiential learning program for Kindergarten to Grade 12 that empowers students to create, develop, and launch a business venture right in the classroom and present it at a culminating public event. Proceeds from ventures are donated to a registered charity of the students’ choice. Developed by The Learning Partnership, the Entrepreneurial Adventure program is available to publicly funded schools across Canada in English and French. Guided by business mentors and teachers, students develop essential skills in business literacy, entrepreneurship, problem solving, critical thinking, character development, citizenship and social responsibility.
Why is Entrepreneurial Adventure such an important program for students?
Entrepreneurial skills are increasingly in demand within our ever-changing economy. Business literacy, independence, innovation and self-management are keys to success in the world of work. This program enables students to develop global competencies in business, entrepreneurship, problem solving, critical thinking and social responsibility. Financial literacy is also highlighted.
What are the benefits of an experiential program?
Experiential learning enables students to put theory into practice within real world contexts, helping them to ‘learn by doing’ within a structured, supportive and inclusive environment. Through experiential learning opportunities, learning is accelerated, engagement is enhanced, students gain deeper understanding of subject matter and students develop and apply critical thinking skills. Experiential learning is personal and creates an opportunity to make lessons accessible to everyone.
How long has Entrepreneurial Adventure been in existence?
Entrepreneurial Adventure started in 1995 and since then more than 60,000 students have participated in the program, raising more than $3.3M for charities through student business ventures.
How much does it cost to join Entrepreneurial Adventure?
There is no cost to the program. Entrepreneurial Adventure is free for all publicly-funded school students across Canada in English and French.
Is Entrepreneurial Adventure available in different languages?
Entrepreneurial Adventure is a bilingual program, available in English and in French, with teaching resources available in both languages.

How does Entrepreneurial Adventure benefit students?
Entrepreneurial Adventure is a fun and engaging experiential program. It enables students to develop global competencies in business, entrepreneurship, problem solving, critical thinking and social responsibility. Students learn engaging and relevant content that helps them learn skills that will support their success in life and are in demand in a globally competitive workplace. Entrepreneurial Adventure provides an opportunity for students to display and present their venture to a public audience at a local Entrepreneurial Adventure Showcase celebration.
How does Entrepreneurial Adventure benefit teachers?
Entrepreneurial Adventure provides professional development and enhances teacher capacity through its available educational resources, eLearning site, discussion forum, teacher training workshops, the support of a local program manager, and the opportunity to work together with a business mentor.
How does Entrepreneurial Adventure benefit business mentors?
Entrepreneurial Adventure provides business mentors with the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with students. It allows them to give back to the community and make a positive impact, often fulfilling corporate social responsibility objectives in their workplace. It also provides business mentors with a forum in which to inspire and encourage children to reach their full potential and help cultivate a strong future workforce. Entrepreneurial Adventure helps business mentors build community relationships and strengthen networks, as well as demonstrate a commitment to publicly funded education.
What grade level is Entrepreneurial Adventure appropriate for?
Entrepreneurial Adventure is a program for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. However, in school boards where The Learning Partnership’s Dragons’ Nest is offered, Entrepreneurial Adventure will only be offered to students from Kindergarten to Grade 8.
How do I find a business mentor?
Local program managers will often find business mentors for teachers through contact with local businesses and community organizations, as well as employees of our corporate sponsors that so kindly support our program. In some instances, teachers prefer to find their own business mentors, accessing their own contacts within their school community, family or friends. Business mentors range in backgrounds from community members whose workplace is located within the school area, to entrepreneurs who have launched their own businesses, as well as bank employees that are eager to share their business expertise.
Are business mentors screened in any way?
All business mentors must complete a Criminal Reference Check through their local Police Department that is submitted to The Learning Partnership. This clearance must take place before a business mentor is allowed in the classroom.
How often does the business mentor come into my class?
Most business mentors spend a total of 5-10 hours between January and the end of May in the classroom. The schedule itself is determined between the teacher and the business mentor, in a way that meets everyone’s needs.
How do I join the program?
Teachers are encouraged to register for Entrepreneurial Adventure by using the following link: Teacher Registration

Does Entrepreneurial Adventure provide its own program of study?
Entrepreneurial Adventure does not provide its own program of study, rather, it supports existing curriculum, fulfills Ministry mandates and supports the development of learning skills. Following an inquiry model, teachers find it easy to deliver and integrate Entrepreneurial Adventure into their own curriculum where programming is customized to student ability. Entrepreneurial Adventure is adaptable to any grade level and fits into many subject areas, as it is truly cross-curricular.
What teacher resources are available for Entrepreneurial Adventure?
Entrepreneurial Adventure features easily accessible teacher resources, access to an online eLearning site, along with the support of a local Entrepreneurial Adventure program manager. The program manager will provide teacher training and follow-up support, and serves as a point of contact and support throughout the learning journey. 
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