Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use all the lessons?
No. As you use the program, you will see optional lessons for example to support cooperative learning strategies, how to develop note-taking skills, readings and activities to use Jigsaw activities.  The intent is to review the lessons working through the Modules to decide what is appropriate for your students and curriculum.
Can the time frame for the program be tailored to meet my own situation?
Yes. It depends on how a teacher wants to integrate Global Solutions into their curriculum program. Some like to use the Global Solutions topic(s) and problem solving model throughout their course while others use with students to support projects, culminating and/or summative activities.
Is going to the symposium essential for my class?
No. A symposium culminates the program allowing students to showcase their work. Symposiums are offered in school districts and regions where there is a high interest.
If I do the program term one, can a group still to the symposium?
Can students choose their own topic?
Yes. There is an Independent Study Unit offered in Global Solutions to provide suggestions on how to support students who prefer to work on their own. There is a unit for students called Developing Your Own Global Solutions Challenge written for students.
Are there assessment tools for evaluation?
Yes. There are two documents offered as a reference: Scaffolding Overview and Assessing Student Work (Assessment Rubric for each module). Embedded in lessons are open-end questions to encourage students’ thinking and dialogue. 
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