How to Engage Students!

Receiving authentic, real-life learning opportunities and support from the broader community gives students a richer educational experience. Take Our Class to Work is a great way to provide this experience, while showcasing your organization and your  commitment to youth.

Here are some helpful tips to get your organization started:

Determine whether or not your organization can host a Take Our Class to Work visit.

• Ensure your workplace can accommodate the class size
• Determine if a full or half-day visit is more appropriate
• Determine arrival and departure times
• Consider scheduling a break midway through the visit

Introduce your company and its role to start the visit

• Provide an overview of your organization, which may include what your organization does, its mission, vision, and values, its departments, and career options.
• Identify and describe the various skills required for careers in your workplace.
• Highlight the ways students can prepare for the careers in your workplace.
• Explain the importance of safety in the workplace, related employee and employer rights and responsibilities, and business etiquette.

Plan some activities for the day

• Provide opportunities for students to interview employees from different departments and management levels, preferably individually, to gain more insight into their careers and career paths.
• Organize a tour of the workplace.
• Create engaging, hands-on activities relevant to your organization, which can be supplemented with informational sessions.

Be open for students to engage in a dialog about their experience

• Facilitate a student discussion on what they learned about the organization, its employees, and most
importantly, themselves.
Workplace registration
Workplace registration
For more information, contact:

Jessica Shearer
Employer Partnership Coordinator
647 252 3582