Canada's Outstanding Employers Award Winners

Some employers are great – others are simply outstanding. At The Learning Partnership, we believe employers that are making exemplary commitments to students – Canada’s future work force – deserve to be recognized. This is why, in 2011, we launched the Canada’s Outstanding Employer Awards as an extension of our flagship program, Take Our Kids to Work™. These exclusive awards are for employers who register their Take Our Kids to Work™ day participation. Thank you to every organization that entered this year. Your Take Our Kids to Work™ day efforts, your passion and your commitment to students are appreciated. All of the entries were judged on five criteria based around how the companies engaged Grade 9 students on Take Our Kids to Work™ day, and how they promoted the benefits of early career exploration.

Congratulations to this year's 15 Canada’s Outstanding Employer Awards winners, for everything they do for students and communities.

Meet our 2015 Winners of Canada’s Outstanding Employers Award

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN), Winnipeg, Manitoba

For giving students an exciting look into broadcasting, including experience in the news studio, working at the news desk, using the teleprompter and camera work. The students in APTN’s Ottawa Bureau were able to join the news team to view the swearing-in of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services, Ponoka, Alberta

For helping visiting students with early career exploration and providing them with a collaborative learning environment to explore health care careers. Alberta Health Services recognizes the importance of sustaining a healthy workforce.
Bell Canada

Bell Canada, Montreal, Quebec

For their comprehensive program with volunteers from all areas of the business across the country to ensure their events offered a wide variety of experiences to participating students, and for expanding their reach to a wider audience with resources and activities for parents and their children.

CBC/Radio-Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

For embedding Take Our Kids to Work in the culture of the organization. Participation spans several departments including news, radio, journalism, sales, marketing, digital and programming, offering students options from a list of over 40 activities.
Fairmont Royal York

Fairmont Royal York, Toronto, Ontario

For involving different professions in their Take Our Kids to Work day planning and for hands-on demonstrations in particular areas of work. Their energetic and exciting activities gave students exposure to real work experience and allowed them to recognize the vast array of careers in the hospitality industry.
Greater Sudbury Police Service

Greater Sudbury Police Service, Sudbury, Ontario

For their program allowing students to discover different professions in the Service through hands-on exploration of the roles of various employees. The Chief of Police interacted with participants and "Provincial Crime Prevention Week" was incorporated into their event.
Horizon Utilities Corporation

Horizon Utilities Corporation, Hamilton, Ontario

For their engaged and motivated staff that placed a priority on providing fun, educational, interactive hands-on activities, particularly the innovative True Colours Careers segment. This activity encouraged students to explore their personality traits, skills, and talents to help discover the kind of work that might suit them and the career they might enjoy.
JNE Welding

JNE Welding, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

For the growth of their program to encompass a wide range of careers within their company and offering relevant activities for students that simulate the work the company engages in. Students were able to participate in hand-on demonstrations, including drafting, shipping, welding, estimating, project management, and accounting, and were delighted to take home a welded product they created.
MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd., Richmond, British Columbia

For creating a highly engaging, interactive day for participants. Activities included a mock “Mars Exploration” event where students were challenged to build “satellites” and pilot a remote controlled UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) facilitated by a former Canadian military pilot.
NB Power

NB Power, Fredericton, New Brunswick

For offering a diverse learning experience in power generation. Students visited various New Brunswick Power locations and enjoyed demonstrations from employees on fire safety, welding, tree trimming and the role of Power Line Technicians. They also got a glimpse into the future by visiting the Smart Habits mobile unit and one of the electric vehicles.
Nexen Cnooc Limited Company

Nexen Cnooc Limited Company, Calgary, Alberta

For designing a fully interactive program for students through engaging learning activities. Students were exposed to industry opportunities which helped generate interest in pursuing a future career in the Oil Industry.
Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario

For giving students a behind-the-scenes look at careers with the museum. Students learned about the different professions in each department and also got the chance to see pieces of collections that are not currently on display to the public.
Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.

Samsung Electronics Canada Inc., Mississauga, Ontario

For their strong focus on preparing students for life after school and demonstrating the importance of early career exploration. From resume workshops, panel discussions, meeting YouTube stars from AsapSCIENCE, learning and playing with technology to working collaboratively with each other, Samsung was able to deliver a full range experience for visiting students.
Saskatchewan Research Council

Saskatchewan Research Council, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

For their interactive approach to showcasing exciting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) career possibilities for students to explore.  Students were able to test their DNA at the Biotech lab, learn about E.coli in the Environment lab, and work with an engineer to build mini engines out of wires, batteries and magnets.
WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.

WhiteWater West Industries Ltd., Richmond, British Columbia

For offering an extensive program to students that highlighted the range of professions in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing water parks and attractions. Students participated in a demonstration on thematic painting, including a personalized name plate to take home. They also designed their own sculpture and used the hot wire to cut it.

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