Canada's Outstanding Employers Award Winners

Some employers are great – others are simply outstanding. At The Learning Partnership, we believe employers that are making exemplary commitments to students – Canada’s future work force – deserve to be recognized. This is why, in 2011, we launched the Canada’s Outstanding Employer Awards as an extension of our flagship program, Take Our Kids to Work™. These exclusive awards are for employers who register their Take Our Kids to Work™ day participation. Thank you to every organization that entered this year. Your Take Our Kids to Work™ day efforts, your passion and your commitment to students are appreciated. All of the entries were judged on five criteria based around how the companies engaged Grade 9 students on Take Our Kids to Work™ day, and how they promoted the benefits of early career exploration.

Congratulations to this year's 15 Canada’s Outstanding Employer Awards winners, for everything they do for students and communities.

Meet our 2016 Winners of Canada’s Outstanding Employers Award

Alberta Health Services
Alberta Health Services - Edmonton, Alberta

For helping visiting students with early career exploration, and providing them with a collaborative and engaging learning environment to explore careers in health care. Alberta Health Services offered extensive tours and hands-on simulations at workplaces ranging from large urban hospitals to smaller sites.
CBC/Radio-Canada - Ottawa, Ontario

For embedding Take Our Kids to Work into the culture of the organization. Participation now spans various departments, including news, radio, sports, media solutions, communications & marketing, and digital & programming. CBC’s program continues to evolve and grow, and the number and variety of activities from which students can choose has increased significantly.
Ceridian - Winnipeg, Manitoba

For providing students with a national learning environment, involving all nine of their Canadian offices, through a variety of organized activities, and live and virtual presentations. Ceridian also served as a community host, inviting international students to spend the day with them.
City of Vaughan
City of Vaughan - Vaughan, Ontario

For providing visiting students with a comprehensive look at municipal careers, while keeping them engaged throughout the day. Students were given the opportunity to meet the Mayor of Vaughan, the City Manager and participants from different departments, and understand these careers through hands-on experiential activities which covered every function and role of these portfolios.
Collingwood General and Marine Hospital
Collingwood General & Marine Hospital - Collingwood, Ontario

For their engaging program allowing students to explore the many career options in a hospital through activities including learning how to suture and applying fiberglass and plastic casts to each other. Take Our Kids to Work is embraced by the organization, and staff members readily stepped up to provide interactive presentations for students.
DarkVision Technologies
DarkVision Technologies - North Vancouver, British Columbia

For a comprehensive and engaging program created for one student participant. The student was given a personalized experience, including the opportunity to talk one-on-one to various employees, including the CEO, and benefit from their experiences. The student was able to learn about the wide range of disciplines within engineering, such as designing his own 3D printed object and soldering circuit boards.
Henry Schein Canada Inc.
Henry Schein Canada Inc. - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

For a robust national program involving their corporate office and 13 branch locations where students learned about day-to-day operations in each department and were inspired to explore future career opportunities. They showcased opportunities a workplace can offer as well as the various skillsets that are required. Students learned how dentures were made and were able to view models.
Hydro Ottawa
Hydro Ottawa - Ottawa, Ontario

For an engaging program, giving students a look into various careers at Hydro Ottawa. Students attended an educational session with a hydro transformer and rode in bucket trucks used to operate on hydro poles. Hydro Ottawa also served as a community host by welcoming economically disadvantaged youth to experience their amazing program.
Jazz Aviation LP
Jazz Aviation LP - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

For engaging students and giving them a sneak peek into the world of aviation. Students got the opportunity to tour a stripped-down plane in a hangar and utilize a flight simulator. The program is also commended for their high emphasis on safety. As many of their positions are safety sensitive positions, when the students toured the hangars and various operations centers, the importance of safety was highly emphasized.
Ripley's Aquarium of Canada
Ripley's Aquarium of Canada - Toronto, Ontario

For providing students with a comprehensive, fun-filled day where they learned about all aspects of working at Canada’s largest indoor aquarium, including guest services, food and beverage, facilities maintenance, and life support systems. Students also observed the daily routines of the animal care team such as animal feedings and enrichment programs, and were given the chance to interact with the dive team to learn about bonnethead sharks and stingrays.
RTL-Westcan Group of Companies
RTL-Westcan Group of Companies - Edmonton, Alberta

For creating an educational day for students that exposed them to the many different career paths available within the transportation industry. Students toured RTL-Westcan’s facility, where they were able to observe operations in action, and tested out the facility’s state-of-the-art training simulator. This was RTL-Westcan’s first year participating in Take Our Kids to Work day.
Saskatchewan Research Council
Saskatchewan Research Council - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

For running a comprehensive program that fueled a passion for science among students and enabled them to explore science-related careers. SRC’s program provided students with an understanding of the many different STEM professions by utilizing many engaging hands-on activities. Students at SRC engaged in an interactive session on career planning, got to do DNA testing in a lab, conducted mineral density experiments, and built solar powered USB chargers.
Technical Standards and Safety Authority
Technical Standards & Safety Authority - Toronto, Ontario

For providing students with an educational, engaging opportunity to learn about public safety in the workplace. As a not-for-profit safety organization, TSSA incorporated “safety moments” throughout the day to educate students about the importance of promoting and enforcing public safety. Students were able to film and share their own “safety moments.” They explored how elevators, escalators and amusement rides are operated; learned how to inspect them; and were able to ride some of the amusement devices.  TSSA is also a proud supporter of the community, having welcomed “friends of TSSA” to participate in the event as many students did not have workplaces to attend.
TransLink and Family of Companies
TransLink and Family of Companies - New Westminster, British Columbia

For providing students with engaging and interactive opportunities to explore career options and learn about TransLink, Coast Mountain Bus Company, BCRTC and Transit Police as a future workplace. Students were given a tour of TransLink’s new Mark III train and received an in-depth look at technology that powers TransLink trains. They even got the opportunity to work with a K9 unit in Transit Police and the Fire Prevention Technicians that oversees fire prevention across the Transit network.
The Miller Group
The Miller Group - Markham, Ontario

For exposing students to the multitude of careers within The Miller Group, and the benefits of early career exploration in informing students of various career pathways. Students were able learn about careers in fields such as road construction, waste management, highway operations, and maintenance services. Students even got to experience a concrete-making process by initiating the concrete pouring and guiding the concrete pump.

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