Take Our Kids to Work is an ideal way to showcase your organization’s commitment to the education of young people, the workforce of the future. Young people are typically most resilient when they know that they have the support of the broader community. They also appreciate opportunities for active participation in the authentic context of the workplace.

Employers - Why should you support Take Our Kids to Work™ day?

  • The educational and business sectors often speak different languages and have different needs. Take Our Kids to Work helps start bridging that gap with the common purpose of providing young people with the skills and abilities they’ll need in the future.
  • Take Our Kids to Work allows employers to explain to students what skills are most important in the workplace – communication, team work, time management, self-regulation, etc. so that they will be more prepared as incoming employees.
  • The program gives employers a chance to promote their industry and the professionals within it so that they can attract future specialists for their field.

Additional benefits for employers include:

  • A chance to highlight the range of jobs available within the organization.
  • An opportunity to acknowledge and support employees as parents.
  • An enhancement of morale, community spirit and workplace pride among all employees.
  • An insight into the important partnership between school and workplace in promoting and supporting continuous learning and successful transitions for young people.

Your commitment to the education of our future workforce is greatly appreciated. This year we would like to ensure that we recognize your organizations contribution to the Take Our Kids to Work program. Please make sure that you register your organization today!

We encourage participating workplaces to register. All registered companies that participate in Take Our Kids to Work day will be recognized on our website. Registered companies will also be asked to participate on in our post-event survey.

Play a role in the development of young Canadians. Build community spirit and employee engagement by supporting worthwhile experiences. Showcase your workplace as progressive and as one that is committed to education.  Several resources are available to make  your Take Our Kids to Work experience a valuable one.

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We aspire to...
  • Recognize more outstanding employees each year
  • Help inspire even more young people to explore their career options and prepare them for success in life
  • Build corporate social awareness and engage employees in all sectors
  • Give young people across the country their first look at what skills they’ll need as they transition into their professional lives