How Take Our Kids to Work Day helps parents to start talking about career choices with their children
  • Take Our Kids to Work Day provides parents with the opportunity to begin a dialogue with their children about what they want to do and don’t want to do career-wise – because the many possibilities and options for students today can be confusing.  And in many cases, the traditional pathways are no longer the only pathways to success. For example, university is not the only path to employment.
  • It’s really important for parents to become engaged in their children’s schooling. Take Our Kids to Work Day is a great opportunity for parents to open the door to a conversation about what their children learned from the experience and what they’d like to do – what their passions are.
  • Take Our Kids to Work Day is also a great way for parents to talk about what THEY do because many kids don’t know exactly what their parents do at work.
  • Take Our Kids to Work Day shows parents that there are many emerging industries and career paths and that there are new ways to develop the skills that will be required in the future. This helps parents inform and guide their children to a suitable career choice in today’s changing economy.

The opportunity for parents to demonstrate interest, caring and support for their teenage child is an important element in the success of Take Our Kids to Work Day. Adolescents benefit from seeing their parents and other adults as everyday heroes: people who are contributing to their workplace, their families and the larger society through their daily actions.

Additional benefits for parents include:

  • The opportunity for career discussions based on a shared workplace experience.
  • Engagement in dialogue before, during and after the visit.
  • A better understanding of the connections between what students are learning in the classroom and essential skills in the workplace.

Where can students go for the day?

We encourage parents to invite their own child to spend a day on the job. If you are unable to host your own child, there are still ways for your child to participate. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask a relative, neighbour or family friend to host your child at his/her workplace.
  • Contact the school, speak with the principal, career studies or co-op teacher and ask if they can assist you with finding a suitable placement.
  • Ask the parent of another Grade 9 student who is participating, if your child could join them for the day.
  • Contact local businesses, ask if they are hosting students for Take Our Kids to Work Day, inquire if someone within their organization would be willing to host your child, providing you make the necessary transportation arrangements.

Take Our Kids to Work participants
Take Our Kids to Work participants around a plane