Frequently Asked Questions

What is Turning Points?
Turning Points is a program designed to encourage students to:                               
  • write a personal narrative focusing on an important event in their lives and articulate the impact the event has had on their development
  • employ the writing process
  • read, write and think about their fundamental values
  • engage in self-reflection
  • have the opportunity to submit their work for consideration for publication in an anthology and be given an award at a Celebration of Student Success

How does Turning Points work?
Teachers register  on-line at , develop and implement the program to suit the needs of their class, with suggestions from the Turning Points Resource Guide. They can also refer to the Anthology of Student Work for exemplars.
Students write, revise and edit personal narratives through the writing process, submit student writing on-line and are invited to attend the Student Success Celebration if they are notifed that their work is to receive an award.
Why is Turning Points such an important program for students?
Students have the opportunity to write for an authentic purpose since they are eligible to submit their work for publication. The essay, a personal narrative, focusses on a challenge and or problem that they must solve (a turning point)  as well as the self-reflection and resilience they call upon to demonstrate the impact that the turning point has had on their lives. Students also are able to discuss, examine and understand themselves and their classmates in a positive classroom environment.
How does Turning Points benefit teachers?
Implementation of the Turning Points program correlates directly with provincial curricula for literacy and other subjects that include Religious Studies and Health and Well-Being. Teachers are able to provide students with a framework for the writing of a personal narrative and to take the students through the writing process to publication. Activities are designed to create a positive classroom environment to encourage students to discuss and think critically about personal issues and values.
Is Turning Points offered in both English and French?
Yes. The program is offered to students in English, French and French as a Second Language programs.
For what grade level(s) is Turning Points developed?
Turning Points is offered to students in grades 6-12.
How much does it cost to join Turning Points?
There is no cost to participate in the program.
How do I join the program?
Teachers are required to register online at  Registration  usually takes place in the fall, however teacher registrations can be accepted into the winter term. Once teachers have registered, they are able to access reources and program information including deadlines and program contactsspecific to their region.

Are there specific deadlines that I should consider?
Yes. Teacher registration may have a deadline, depending on the region. There is a deadline for each region for submission of student essays. Deadlines are posted on the Turning Points website.
Does Turning Points provide a program of study?
Yes. Teachers who have registered for the program are able to access the Teacher’s Resource guide on line. The guide provides teachers with a number of classroom activities, suggested mini-lessons focussing on writing skills as well as information regarding assessment and evaluation strategies and tools.

What teacher resources are available for Turning Points?
Resources include the Teacher’s Resource guide, correlations between provincial curricula expectations or outcomes and the Anthology of Award Winning Essays which is  a publication of student work.

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