Welcome to Kindergarten™ Awards for Partnership Excellence

How to nominate someone?

Anyone can submit a nomination (school administrators, teachers, support staff, community agencies, parents, individuals, parent councils, supervisory officer/superintendent) for The Learning Partnership Welcome to Kindergarten™ Awards for Partnership Excellence, with the following exception: family members of nominee(s) and staff members of The Learning Partnership cannot submit a nomination.

Simply follow these seven steps:
  1. The Award has specific criteria for eligibility. Check the eligibility criteria before you nominate.
  2. Talk to your nominee(s)
    Ask if they are willing to be nominated, because they will need to provide their written consent.
  3. Find two people who will support your nomination
    They should know the nominee(s) and be willing to write a short letter explaining why your candidate(s) should receive an award. Be sure to include two different perspectives – a parent, a principal, a community representative, an educator, someone from the board/district/division office, a colleague. Remember, family members and staff members of The Learning Partnership cannot nominate or write a letter of support for nominees.
  4. Write letters showing why your nominee deserves a Welcome to Kindergarten™ Award for Partnership Excellence
    Your nomination letter and letters of support help the Selection Committee understand the strengths of your candidate(s). (Familiarize yourself with our Characteristics of Partnership Excellence) But keep them short! Each letter should be no more than two pages long and must be signed by the writer.
  5. Download and complete the nomination form
    There are two nomination forms – one for individuals and one for teams. Please complete the correct form. The nomination form asks for contact information for you and the individual or team you are nominating for an award. Remember to get your nominee(s) to sign the consent form.
  6. Make a copy
    Please keep a copy of your entire submission in case your package gets lost.
  7. Send the package in before the nomination deadline – January 31, 2017
Note: Only complete packages will be considered.

Email the complete package to wtkawards@thelearningpartnership.ca                                            
Mail or courier the complete package to:

The Learning Partnership
Welcome to Kindergarten Awards for Partnership Excellence                             
45 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario M2N 5W9

How to write a compelling nomination letter

The Welcome to Kindergarten program has many outstanding partners who excel at unlocking the potential of young children and supporting parents/guardians. Your letters must explain and include clear examples of what makes your nominee/team so exceptional. Here are three tips to help you write a compelling nomination letter:
  1. Demonstrate that your nominee(s) is/are outstanding.
    Use specific and concrete examples and stories to illustrate how your nominee/team meets the award criteria. (Note the Characteristics of Partnership Excellence below). You must provide clear evidence of how your nominees are outstanding Welcome to Kindergarten partners.
  2. Give different perspectives
    Tell the story from different viewpoints. The nominator letter and the two supporter letters should provide various examples from a range of views and perspectives. They cannot be written by family members of the nominee(s) or staff members of The Learning Partnership.
  3. Keep it simple
    You have only two pages each to sell your nominee/team to the Selection Committee. Keep it clear and to the point.
    The nominator letter and the two supporter letters should provide a complete picture of your candidate as these are the only documents on which the Selection Committee will make their decision.
Formatting your letters
Make your letters easy to read. Each letter should be:
  • Single-sided, typed and double-spaced
  • In a readable font and size – no smaller than 10 point
  • No more than two pages long
Each letter must also include the writer's full name, signature and contact information.
Characteristics of Partnership Excellence
  • Acts as a change agent resulting in successful partnerships with The Learning Partnership, Welcome to kindergarten, parents, schools and community
  • Fosters strong collaborative relationships
  • Empowers others to develop and use their leadership skills in support of The Learning Partnership and WTK
  • Provides ongoing support to WTK within that community
  • Demonstrates effective outreach and support to parents and children
  • Establishes structures to ensure ongoing parental, schools and community support is sustained for The Learning Partnership and the WTK program
  • Demonstrates excellence in community/school collaboration; WTK program planning/implementation/follow-up; promoting The Learning Partnership and Welcome to Kindergarten™ program and providing support to children and parents/guardians