Welcome to Kindergarten™ Awards for Partnership Excellence

Who can apply?

  • Community agencies/representatives who are working with their local school(s) planning/implementing/delivering the Welcome To Kindergarten™ (WTK) program according to its goals and expectations.
  • Teams of school representatives and community representatives with a record of working together in the planning, delivery and follow-up of WTK activities.
  • Community representatives who understand and support the WTK program and who explore various ways of partnering with the WTK schools.
  • Community representatives who outreach and involve other community partners in the WTK program.
  • Community representatives who share/develop/provide strategies to support parents/guardians of young children using the WTK resources.
  • Community representatives who serve children and families and share their resources with WTK participating schools.
  • Community representatives who are ambassadors of The Learning Partnership and WTK.
These awards are an opportunity to give remarkable professionals the recognition that they deserve. They are the individuals, school teams and/or agencies who want to ensure that all young children arrive with the confidence and the early learning foundations needed for success in the kindergarten program — as well as ensuring that the parents/guardians become more confident in supporting their children’s learning.

Criteria for Eligibility

  • Demonstrated support of the Welcome to Kindergarten™ program through sharing of resources
  • Demonstrated support in school/community partnership
  • Demonstrated engagement in WTK program planning/implementation/delivery/follow-up sessions
  • Demonstrated support for parents/guardians and providing them with strategies on how to nurture the development and learning of their children
Please see our Characteristics of Partnership Excellence to see if you know someone deserving of a Welcome to Kindergarten’s Awards for Partnership Excellence.