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The future is complex, uncertain and ever-changing and today’s students are not being prepared well to face it. There is a gap between the skills and global competencies that students in Canada are learning and those they will need to be future-ready. This gap is growing, it already affects students in underserved communities disproportionately, and the pandemic has widened these inequities. 

We know that diversity drives innovation. Canada is in a unique position to foster the potential of a diverse generation of future innovators, problem solvers and change makers. But we have work to do to ensure that every student, especially younger learners, girls, and those in underserved communities, has consistent access to the highest-quality experiential innovation education that develops the skills and global competencies they’ll need for the future of work. 

Our country’s public education system and our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion are levers we can use to build a generation of future-ready students who grow up to help solve some of Canada’s and the world’s biggest problems. 

As a registered Canadian charity, The Learning Partnership works with corporate and government funders, the education sector, and supporters across Canada to deliver inclusive innovation education programs that build future-ready skills and global competencies for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8. Our programs are hands-on, fun and engaging. They are available at no cost to educators through public schools and have broad reach to all students including students in underserved communities. Join us to inspire and equip today’s students to become tomorrow’s problem solvers and change makers.  

The Learning Partnership is a Canadian charity that helps build the skills and competencies today’s students need to thrive in the ever-changing future of work. Our innovation education programs are hands-on, engaging and fun. They help close a growing gap by reaching students in public schools with a focus on underserved communities, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to become the innovators, problem-solvers and change makers of tomorrow.


Our inclusive innovation education programs

Our programs augment provincial curricula with ‘turn-key’ learning programs that helps address the inconsistencies, capacity gaps and under-resourcing that currently exist in publicly-funded schools. They:

  • are designed for virtual, blended and in-person classrooms 

  • are available in English and French across Canada 

  • engage – and re-engage – students with experiential/play- and project-based learning that is hands-on and fun (especially for those who’ve experienced COVID-19–related educational disruptions)  

  • fully support teachers with curriculum-aligned, professionally-developed lesson plans, training and teaching resources that do not require them to have any technical or subject-matter expertise, are easily integrated into their teaching plans, and aligned with provincial curricula 

  • are available at no direct cost to teachers in publicly-funded schools, removing barriers to uptake and participation by students, especially those in underserved communities

Students displaying their invention

Students displaying their invention at an Invention Convention

Our programs introduce core concepts to students, and their parents, preparing them to succeed in school and in life.