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To thrive in our diverse, connected and changing world, students must learn to be critical thinkers and collaborative problem solvers, communicating across cultures to tackle global issues with creativity and resiliency. Cultivating these competencies will prepare students to quickly adapt to changing trends, allowing them to excel in life and work. Development of these skills will help to nurture a highly skilled and innovative workforce that will be a pillar of a strong and resilient Canadian economy.
We believe that Canada can, and must, do better to become a leader in innovation. At The Learning Partnership, we begin with young people. Through dynamic collaboration across business, education and government sectors, we lift our collective heads, look at innovation pressures and employ a systematic approach to empower children to tackle challenges strategically so that they grow to compete successfully in this globally connected world.
Our experiential programs encourage students to see their education beyond the classroom, as an opportunity to engage in real-world situations and to find innovative solutions in their lives.  Through our programs, learning is accelerated and students gain a deeper understanding of subject matter, encouraging them to build upon the status quo.
Our student programs encourage learning that is personal, creating opportunities to make lessons accessible to everyone and allowing students to explore through imagination.

The Learning Partnership is a Canadian charity that prepares students to thrive in a diverse, connected and changing world.

We leverage the best thinking from educators, business, and government to deliver experiential programs for students that cultivate entrepreneurial thinking and innovation, and support social-emotional learning. Since 1993, we have been helping build the foundations for students to solve tomorrow’s challenges.


Cultivating entrepreneurial thinking and innovation

  • Students who are entrepreneurial and innovative are able to see the bigger pictures around issues and opportunities. They generate novel ideas by asking the right questions and demonstrate leadership to pursue ideas into practice.
  • Social emotional learning helps students cultivate a positive sense of self. Self-management, self-awareness and social awareness are essential to build healthy relationships, set goals and make positive decisions for learning and achievement.
Students displaying their invention

Students displaying their invention at an Invention Convention

Our programs introduce core concepts to students, and their parents, preparing them to succeed in school and in life.