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Teaching coding, collaboration and more in New Brunswick

Lindsey Fairweather, a Grade 4/5 teacher at Gagetown Elementary School near Fredericton, New Brunswick, has taught Coding Quest since 2018. “In my second year teaching it, the update was even more helpful and even more student friendly. The new format actually helps students teach each other,” she said.

Lindsey notes that the new design gave her the flexibility to let students code a game on a topic of interest to them. “Some did French, some did math, some did topics like pollution and human rights. They were so proud to show me what they learned,” Lindsey said. “Coding Quest takes their engagement with a subject beyond paper and pencil. It is another way for students to express their learning.”

When Coding Quest was introduced to the nearby middle school, Lindsey’s former students became mentors to their new classmates. “They told me that sometimes when students had issues with code, they were able to share their knowledge and problem solve together. It really built their teamwork skills, their leadership and their independence,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey participated in The Learning Partnership’s distance learning option, which makes professional development opportunities available online to educators who cannot attend training in person. She appreciates Coding Quest being available at no cost to her 100-student school. “It’s a program I really do enjoy teaching. We are a small school and we wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for these programs. I regularly share with the other schools in my area how great Coding Quest is and encourage them to look into it,” Lindsey said.


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