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October 20, 2020

Speak Up!

by SAFE Work Manitoba
In 2016, SAFE Work Manitoba launched the Worked Up campaign, which revealed that young workers are willing to take on an unacceptable level of risk to get a job. For this campaign, SAFE Work Manitoba placed ads for fictional jobs aimed at young people that offered high pay for high-risk work – 2,500 applications were received.

Hidden cameras were set up at a real recruitment firm and interviews were recorded to learn about young workers’ attitudes toward safety. Many of the young people interviewed stated they were willing to take on risks such as working alone, working with hazardous materials and risking injury.

During the fake interviews, many also spoke of past injuries they had sustained but had never reported. And some went as far as to blame themselves for getting injured at work. Most validated the research that shows that young workers will not speak up about the hazards they face at work.

How would you respond during an interview when asked your opinion on workplace safety and incident reporting? Would you take a job that didn't offer safety training? Watch how Karolina responded to these questions:

During Karolina’s interview for an unsafe, fake job, she stated she was willing to take on additional risk for a higher paying job. Find out what she says a year later:

SAFE Work Manitoba encourages young workers to speak up and ask questions about workplace safety. Learn more about how you can take an active role in learning about potential hazards in the workplace and about your rights and responsibilities for a safe and healthy workplace at safemanitoba.com/youngworkers.
The Learning Partnership is grateful to have the support of SAFE Work Manitoba for Take Our Kids to Work 2020, powered by RBC Future Launch.  Learn more at   takeourkidstowork.ca.
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