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February 24, 2021

Taking the 2021 IFG Water Challenge!

by Debra D. Kerby, President & CEO
Super excited for The Learning Partnership to be part of the global innovation education movement as a member of the Invent Future Global alliance of 11 international education organizations.
Such amazing work is underway including the #IFGWaterChallenge – a global, online collaboration focused on uncovering and building solutions to UN Sustainable Development Goal #6: clean water and sanitation.

Session 1: Identifying local challenges

At the kick-off on Saturday, Jan 29, 85 students from more than 15 countries participated in a facilitated problem identification session to brainstorm and start inventing locally-relevant solutions. The Learning Partnership is thrilled to support 14 of these students (representing five provinces and territories) who have joined their international peers to tackle this critical global issue.
The young innovators highlighted many reasons for participating – from a desire to solve real-world problems and make the world a better place to wanting to connect with like-minded peers from around the world. Despite diversity in geographies, ages, cultures, and ethnicities, the break-out groups each found similar – and ambitious – issues to tackle, specifically water scarcity and water contamination.

Session 2: Collaborating on solutions

Since the first event, participants have been working asynchronously, guided by generous facilitators, to share research and ideas.

On Saturday, Feb 27, the larger group will be reuniting for step two: collaborating to develop solutions! Then, on March 20, they’ll come back together for a third time to present to each other and the world their inventions, just in time for #WorldWaterDay on March 22, 2021.

Nurturing the next generation of changemakers

By participating in these IFG Challenges, students are developing the skills and competencies they’ll need to become problem solvers and change makers today and into the future. And, they are connecting with students in other countries, environments, and societies, broadening their horizons in all kinds of important ways.
Providing space for these bright minds to create has never been more important as we work to unlock inclusive, sustainable solutions to the local and global challenges facing us all. In the words of one participant: “Every one of us is a human being but all of us are a powerful team.”
I am So. Proud. to lead a team that unleashes the full potential of these students’ superpowers to ensure they thrive today and well into the ever-changing future!
Stay tuned to updates by following @TLPCanada and @IF_Global_ on Twitter.
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