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November 20, 2020

Dante Vertolli, Cadillac Fairview

Job Title

Innovation Delivery Manager

In high school, I would have been voted most likely to:  

Invent something new


Spending time with friends and family, reading, photography

Skills you rely on most in your role:

Innovation, communication, collaboration, critical thinking & problem solving

Question from Grace, Toronto, ON

“What do you do when you come up with new ideas? What is your plan?”
Great question Grace! When I come up with a new idea, I think about what sort of effect my idea will have on my team and on the project. Will my idea make things better? Will it create more work for my team or will it make their jobs easier? Is it improving the outcome of the project, and will this idea be a success?
I also ask my team what they think of my idea. Do they see a problem with my idea that I missed? I try to look ahead as much as I can to see what kind of impact it will have, and then work backwards to build a plan!
All ideas can be great ideas, even if they don’t start out that way. Some of them take a lot of work to be truly great, but turning your ideas into reality can be really rewarding.

Question from a student in Vancouver, BC

“What advice would you give to your Grade 9 self? What are some ways that you have tried to overcome obstacles?”
My best advice would be to follow your heart. Having a plan of where you want to end up in life is a good idea in theory, but life has a way of messing up even the best plans. If you follow your heart, you will end up where you’re meant to be, even if you don’t follow the route you thought you would take to get there. On the way, you will face all kinds of challenges, but if you use these challenges to improve yourself, then challenges become way less scary.
Think of everything as an opportunity to improve, even if you think you may fail. I’ve found that failure teaches you more than success ever could. Face every obstacle and take as much from it as you can, because at the end of the day, you will be stronger, smarter, and better off because of your bravery.
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