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June 30, 2020

The Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT) is back

The Learning Partnership was again proud to sponsor this historic, live-streamed event. Over 100 innovation presenters (from age five to adult), representing more than 15 countries, demonstrated and received feedback from innovation experts and educators on their innovative projects and ideas over 24 hours on July 9 – 10, 2020.
The Learning Partnership’s Debra D. Kerby, President and CEO, and Erin Schachter, National Director of Development, hosted two segments, encouraging and providing feedback to students, innovators and entrepreneurs from the U.S., Mexico, Indonesia and China.
Erin was also a presenter! Drawing on her passion for delivering innovative programs with measurable impact, she offered insider tips in her presentation Cultivating Global Competencies: An innovative model for measuring student skills.

Kathy Dong, a former participant in The Learning Partnership’s Investigate! Invent! Innovate! (I3) program at Sir Alexander Mackenzie Sr. Public School in Toronto, presenting WastED, the digital app she created to promote awareness and action on the global waste issue.

Skills/Compétences Canada was represented by two speakers: Shoshawna Blair, a B.C.-based entrepreneur, discussed her Skills Canada competition experience and the path she took to a career as a baker as inspiration to other students.


And Jeremy Braithwaite, a professor at Loyalist College and Team Canada's WorldSkills Mechanical Engineering Design Expert, presented Design Thinking, Community-Driven Solutions – the story of how great innovations emerge when a design thinking approach is embraced by an entire community. Braithwaite and his team produced thousands of PPEs in the past several months using innovative design thinking methods.

Another GIFT is coming up in fall 2020 – we’ll be there with bells on! More details forthcoming ….. stay tuned here or here!
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