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October 15, 2021

Caroline Yang, IBM Canada

This profile is part of a series in support of Take Our Kids to Work Day on November 3, 2021. Launched in 1994, Take Our Kids to Work Day is the most recognized career exploration event in Canada. With the pandemic continuing to change how students learn, the 27th annual Take Our Kids to Work Day presented by RBC Future Launch will be back with a virtually delivered look at the world of work for Grade 9 students across Canada.
This year’s theme– You Belong Here! – will expose young minds, as they enter their first year of high school, to a wide range of careers reflecting the full diversity of students, interests and the future world of work.
To learn more and register, go to takeourkidstowork.ca.

Job title:

HR Program Manager

In high school, I would have been voted most likely to:

study English

The skills I rely on most in my role:

Critical thinking and problem solving, self-directed learning

Q:  What inspired you to be in your current career?

I work in a sub-function of human resources, total rewards. We determine how the organization pays employees and how to deliver the pay and communicate the values to the employees.
There is a good match of the job requirements and my interests. A total rewards career requires analytical and language skills. I love analyzing numbers and discovering the stories behind the numbers. I also love reading and writing.
Over the years, I’ve posted a number of essays on LinkedIn. One of them is on how my children selected their career. I did not land on this career right after graduating university. I held jobs as an English teacher, a translator, and a workshop facilitator. I also worked in other functions of human resources. I eventually concluded that the total rewards career is what suits me the best. I may still change as I keep growing up.
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