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November 20, 2020

Christine Chea, Pearson Canada

Job Title

Director, Research & Innovation

Skills you rely on most in your role:

Critical thinking, problem solving, research, creativity & innovation

In high school I would have been voted most likely to:

Work in the United Nations

Question from Mulik, Newmarket, ON:

How would I unlock new collaborations for innovation and how did you unlock yours?” 

Hi Mulik,
Diversity is known to positively impact innovation so keep that in mind as you are considering who to collaborate with. What do the people or groups you are thinking about collaborating with bring to the table? How do they complement your skillset and perspectives? Many innovations are born from the intersection of ideas brought about by people of very different backgrounds, even those who may not seem to have direct experience with the project you may be tackling.

Before reaching out to potential partners for collaboration, invest time crystallizing the vision and outcomes you have in mind for your innovation project. Is the problem you are trying to solve clearly articulated? Do you have evidence that this problem is significant? What supporting evidence can you provide to make a strong case for your project? This will help potential collaborators get on board with your vision more easily.
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