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November 23, 2020

Scott Tavener, Edelman

Job Title

Associate Creative Director

Skills I rely on most in my job:

Collaboration, communication, creativity, storytelling

In high school, I was voted most likely to:

Become a writer

Question from Abas, Toronto, ON

“I would consider myself quite innovative. But if I would take a creative and innovative approach to my path in the future, what are the different jobs my fellow high schoolers and I could pursue?”
A: Here’s the exciting thing: your career path will not resemble anyone else’s, and you may end up in a job that doesn’t exist…yet.
When I was your age, if someone told me that “professional YouTuber” or “full-stack developer” or “digital creative director” was a job, I would have asked, “what’s a YouTuber”? That’s awesome, though it makes it hard to predict what careers will look like.
I do know that you can shape your future. There’s no “correct” path – there’s only your path.
Try things. Go places no one has gone. And own whatever you do – that means, put everything into it, make decisions, and stand by them. Oh, and ask questions – when you meet someone with a cool job, ask them how they got there; I bet the path will surprise and inspire you.
Maybe you don’t know which career path to choose (I didn’t until I was in my 30s); but, as a creative person, you definitely have a sense of your passions and your skills. Start there, embrace and refine them, and you will thrive.
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