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November 20, 2020

Travis Howard, Bruce Power

Job Title

Maintenance Execution Manager

Skills you rely on most in your role:

Communication and strategic thinking

In high school I would have been voted most likely to:

Play basketball or work in sales

Question from Abas, Toronto, ON

“Skilled trades is a great career. My question is: in the skilled trades market/environment, what different jobs and careers are available to different people with different skills?”
Hello, Abas! Thank you for the great question. I am going to answer you in two parts. First, the current trades market and environment. Right now, the demand for skilled trades is very high and the number of skilled trades people is low so it is a great time to get into the trades. 
Second, as far as different options for different people, the trades are so diverse! You can get into the heavy metal trades such as boilermaking and Ironworkers, or more precision like a machinist or millwright.  You then have electricians, instrumentation, or carpentry and scaffolding – the possibilities are truly endless.

Question from Partha, Toronto, ON:

“I have no clue what I want to do when I grow up. When do you think I should try to get a general idea of what I'm going to do? When did you know?”
Well, Partha, that is a great question and one I know all too well. I actually first went to school for business management and began selling cars and worked up to management but I had always loved building and working on things. So I switched and went to school for welding which led me to a career as a boilermaker where I travelled Canada working in many industries. I then settled in to a career at Bruce Power which has opened the door to so many opportunities to learn and grow. I am now a maintenance manager. So in short you may never truly know your final career – the key is do something you enjoy,  never stop learning and challenging yourself, work hard, and you will have no limit to what you can do or become.
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