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November 30, 2020

Zouheir Sultani, RBC

Job Title

Expert Banking Advisor

The skills I rely on most in my job:

Critical thinking, communication, analysis, relationship building

In high school, I would have been voted most likely to:

Organize events and participate in talent shows

Question from Rushad, Montreal, QC

“What separates a good banker from a great banker? What do you like the most about banking?”
First and foremost, successful bankers have a vision, a long-term plan, and a set of short-term objectives that they need to achieve in order to accomplish their plan.
Successful personal bankers need to be sales-oriented with strong customer service skills and an ability to efficiently solve problems for people. In this work environment, decisions must be made quickly under challenging circumstances. Additionally, it is necessary to have a good work ethic as well as interpersonal, time-management and organizational skills.
Great bankers have an execution-minded attitude and focus on getting the process right along with the right approach. They always ask questions because they strive to understand concepts and the math behind them. They seek feedback from many but can make decisions easily when necessary. Moreover, they track their decisions on an ongoing basis in order to improve their thinking process and are always looking at ways to increase the odds of achieving consistent positive results.
Finally, they see failure as critical to mastering their abilities and competencies and they seek to learn from every mistake. The economy, customer demographics, and technology are always changing and the ability to adapt in a fast-changing environment is essential.
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