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November 23, 2020

Steven Shivcharan, CIBC

Job Title

Program Manager

Skills I rely on most in my job:

Creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication

In high school, I was voted most likely to:

Become a high school teacher or entertainer

Question from Amasha, Stouffville, ON:

“How do I make sure I choose the right career pathway? Can I switch my career paths as I grow older?”

You will never know until you try. However, there are ways in which you can educate yourself prior to making a choice.
Begin by doing research. Go on google, look up the industry or role you’re interested in. Research the common pathways into this field and the experiences needed to succeed. Connect with other professionals in the field. Ask them, based on your experiences and interests, would this be the right job for you? Once you have this information, you can make an educated decision.
Switching pathways is completely normal! I’ve seen students start in finance and then work their way into marketing. Even if you switch careers, you always bring your skills and experiences with you. Do not look at your career as one job you work for many years. Look at your career as something that evolves and encompasses many different positions and experiences.

Question from Sydney, Sherwood Park, AB:

“What kinds of work would you do for a job in a bank? What does a typical day look like?”
There is so much going on at CIBC! Do not think of banking as just working at a branch or helping customers over the phone. We have teams that are designing the next mobile banking app or teams investigating finance fraud.
My day usually begins by responding to emails and seeing if there are any urgent tasks that I need to complete. Afterwards, I create a list of tasks that I will tackle throughout the day. This typically involves working on campus projects or conducting research for an upcoming event that I will be speaking at.
Meetings are also a big part of my day. I am often meeting with team members to brainstorm ideas on how we can improve our campus outreach. Similarly, I am often meeting with students where I provide career insights and career coaching.
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