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Safety Recommendations

The Learning Partnership convened a committee of experts to conduct a study and advise on safety for participants in Take Our Kids to Work Day. The Learning Partnership was one of several participants in the study. The Expert Safety Panel members were drawn from organizations that are industrial partners of The Learning Partnership, and from organizations with acknowledged expertise in workplace safety and education.

These recommendations are based on the findings of the Expert Safety Panel. As stakeholders in Take Our Kids to Work Day, we continue to be guided by all of the Expert Safety Panel’s recommendations and we encourage the workplaces with whom we partner to adopt the Expert Safety Panel recommendations applicable to their involvement in Take Our Kids to Work Day.
  • Communicate the importance of health and safety through a variety of channels, to accommodate different learning styles.
  • Enlist workplace health and safety experts to review the content and context of all materials produced for the Take Our Kids to Work program.
  • Develop informed consent forms that contain workplace health and safety messaging, signed by students and parents.
  • Encourage all participants in the Take Our Kids to Work program to commit themselves to a safe day. Include on forms a section demonstrating that students have read and discussed materials on health and workplace safety before participating.
  • Begin Take Our Kids to Work Day at each employer with mandatory workplace orientations that focus on health and safety issues relevant to that environment. Workplaces should use the expertise of their Health and Safety personnel to assist with the orientation if possible.
  • Where appropriate, there should also be a student Health and Safety representative for the day.
  • Encourage program participants to adopt a zero tolerance policy for ignoring health and safety guidelines communicated in program material.
  • Supervise student participants all day while they are at the workplace site. The student supervisor should be a competent individual and there should be a set ratio of the number of students to each supervisor that is appropriate for each workplace.
  • Allow students to undertake only those tasks and experiences for which they have been properly oriented.
  • Encourage workplaces to create an environment where students feel free—in fact, encouraged—to speak about health and safety concerns, ask questions, and comment on situations they observed during the day. Workplaces should conduct an annual inspection prior to Take Our Kids to Work Day with a view to youth workplace safety.

  ‚ÄčAs a supervisor, you should:
  • Train workers to safely perform every task they are assigned and check regularly to ensure that safety procedures are being followed.
  • Alert employees to every possible safety hazard, no matter how obvious or minor.
  • Observe and correct any unsafe practices or conditions.
  • Provide appropriate protective clothing and equipment to every employee.
  • Discuss with your employees any past accidents and the corrective measures that have been taken to prevent similar accidents from happening again.