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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Coding Quest is Canada’s largest classroom-based coding program available to publicly funded schools in English and French. It is a free experiential learning program developed by The Learning Partnership for students from Grades 4 to 6.

Coding Quest enriches student learning by adding coding and game creation to reflect changing technology and learning skills necessary for the future workforce, including core global competencies like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. The federal and provincial governments across Canada are recognizing this need and are making it a priority to invest in digital infrastructure and STEM.
Coding skills, computational thinking and problem solving are increasingly in demand within our ever-changing economy. Computer literacy, independence, innovation and self-management are keys to success in the world of work. This program enables students to develop global competencies and essential skills in computer literacy, computational thinking, entrepreneurship, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Coding is an essential universal language that transcends cultural, linguistic and geographic boundaries in a technology-driven and connected world. Coding is a skill that is increasingly in demand by employers.
Experiential learning enables students to put theory into practice within real world contexts, helping them to ‘learn by doing’ within a structured, supportive and inclusive environment. Through experiential learning opportunities, learning is accelerated, engagement is enhanced, students gain deeper understanding of subject matter and students develop and apply critical thinking skills. Experiential learning is personal and creates an opportunity to make lessons accessible to everyone.
After a successful pilot, Coding Quest was launched in September 2016. Since then over 50,000 students learned to code.
There is no cost to the program. Coding Quest is free to all publicly funded school students across Canada.
Coding Quest is a bilingual program, available in English and in French, with teaching resources available in both languages.
Coding Quest provides a highly engaging and immersive learning experience. It strengthens global competencies and computational thinking, including project management, creative problem solving, critical thinking, coding and collaboration. Coding Quest provides an opportunity for students to showcase their learning and their coded video games at a local Arcade showcase celebration.
Coding Quest provides professional development and enhances teacher capacity through its available educational resources, eLearning site, teacher training workshops, and the support of a local program manager from The Learning Partnership. Curriculum-linked resources and step-by-step lesson plans are available online for teaching both coding and the curriculum.

Coding Quest aligns with provincial curriculum; engages students through technology; provides opportunity for cross-curricular learning; integrates learning in science, mathematics, technology, language, visual arts and social studies; creates a collaborative learning environment through teamwork and problem solving.
Coding Quest is a program for students from Grades 4 to 6. The program was designed to support the curriculum of those grades. The free web-based program used to introduce coding to students is called Scratch and is well suited for students in elementary grades. Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is available for free at https://scratch.mit.edu.
Teachers are encouraged to register for Coding Quest by using the following link: www.thelearningpartnership.ca/programs/coding-quest/register
After registering, teacher will receive a welcome email that will contain information and instructions on creating an eLearning account and how to access our on-line resources. Teachers will receive further program information from their local program manager via email.
Teacher training workshops are half-day workshops. The Coding Quest program is designed to be offered during class time. Length of time will vary from teacher to teacher depending on lesson options, availability and access to technology, but roughly it takes 25 hours of curriculum and class-based time.
Coding Quest provides detailed lesson plans and resources, supports existing curriculum, fulfills Ministry mandates, and supports the development of learning skills. Following an inquiry model, teachers find it easy to deliver and integrate Coding Quest into their own curriculum where programming is customized to student ability. It provides a flexible curriculum framework tailored to teachers’ preferences and levels of expertise. Coding Quest is available to Grades 4 to 6, and can be integrated to teach a range of subjects.
Coding Quest features easily accessible teacher resources, access to an online eLearning site, along with the support of a local Coding Quest Program Manager. The program manager will provide teacher training and follow-up support, and serves as a point of contact and support throughout the learning journey.
  • Teacher Workshop – A local in-service workshop is organized to introduce teachers to coding, inquiry and gamification. Workshops are approximately 2.5 hours in length providing teachers with plenty of hands-on experience and time to co-plan with colleagues
  • The Learning Partnership Program Manager – A local Program Manager is available to facilitate workshops, support teachers, answer any questions and assist them as they implement the program
  • Arcade – Regional Arcades are hosted for a select number of students from all participating schools.  Schools are encouraged to host a local Arcade for their school community

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