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Message from President & CEO Debra D. Kerby

I hope this finds each of you and your loved ones healthy and grounded as we continue navigating this state of uncertainty. While challenging, I am also inspired by the remarkable levels of compassion and collaboration that are emerging on so many fronts.
At The Learning Partnership our mission is to inspire and equip today’s students to become tomorrow’s problem solvers and change makers. It has never been more important to develop these skills AND to *be* the problem solvers and change makers we wish to raise.

Our immediate priority is to support students, parents and teachers to continue using our programs remotely. In the short term, we will also be sharing resources on our website to benefit additional learners.

Concurrently we are designing sustainable, innovative models to deliver our uniquely-positioned experiential programming, which complements provincial curricula and helps build the 6 Global Competencies in students from pre-K through Grade 9.

We are leaning heavily on the skills we are striving to cultivate in Canada’s youngest students like innovation, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration to inform how we can continue to deliver meaningful impact in the short term while setting the stage for sustainability longer term.

I am so grateful to all of you, our partners, for your ongoing support as we continue to build future ready students. Together.
Let’s stay in touch and work together to support each other during these unprecedented times.
Signing off with one of my parents' favourite songs ~ (they used to dance around the kitchen to this while I covered my face (truth!) ~ because singing is so great for the soul

One day at a time. We’ve got this ~


Debra D. Kerby

President & CEO