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Entrepreneurial Adventure

Entrepreneurial Adventure

Developing Canada’s next generation of entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial Adventure is a free experiential learning program for Kindergarten to Grade 12 that empowers students to create a business venture right in the classroom.
Supported by business mentors and their teachers, students work together to create their own ventures, with funds raised going towards a registered charity of their choice. The program features teacher-friendly lesson plans and activities, and offers engaging classroom processes that reinforce teamwork, collaboration and critical thinking. Students are supported in the development of global competencies in business, entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibility, preparing them for the future world of work.
The program culminates in an Entrepreneurial Adventure Showcase, where students display and present their ventures at a public venue. Entrepreneurial Adventure is available to publicly funded schools across Canada in English and French.

Isaiah, Gr. 5 Student

"At our school, Jennie Elliott, the Grade 5’s got to participate in EA.  We did a treasure hunt and a white elephant sale, with about 40 kids in each group.  Both ventures went well, even though it was cold standing outside if you were running the treasure hunt.  We raised money for Spread the Net, The Canadian Cancer Society and World Wildlife Fund, so we know a lot of people and animals were helped by the money we raised."

Opportunities for students and teachers

  • Enables students to develop global competencies in business, entrepreneurship, problem solving, critical thinking, character development and citizenship
  • Offers teachers engaging classroom processes that reinforce teamwork, collaboration and critical thinking
  • Provides easily accessible teacher resources
  • Brings business mentors into the classroom to inspire and share their knowledge and expertise with students

Entrepreneurship in the classroom

Students become young entrepreneurs, developing their own business ventures right in the classroom.
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Thank you to our partners

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