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Course Description

Ivey Leadership Series - Session Topics and Ivey Faculty

Session 1: Aligning Resources with Priorities: Connecting Finance to Strategy
Faculty: Rick Robertson

Through case studies and exercises participants will become decision makers enhancing their financial acumen and their ability to connect financial implications to strategy. This session is designed for non-financial professionals in the school system and will lead to an understanding of basic principles of finance and accounting that will enable sound business decisions at both school and system levels.

Session 2: Unlocking Your Leadership Presence Through Storytelling
FacultyJana Seijts

Participants will explore the crucial role executive presence plays in connecting, motivating and inspiring the people they lead. Coupling this with the art of storytelling participants will have an opportunity to actively develop the skills necessary to take their leadership to the next level.


Session 3: Driving Innovation Through Design Thinking
Faculty: Darren Meister

Engaging a diverse team to explore innovative opportunities is both an exciting and exhausting test of leadership. This session will develop your skills in leading and applying a Design Thinking approach to creative problem solving. Disciplined, repeatable and effective in a wide range of settings, design thinking will increase your team’s innovation score. This session will be a comprehensive exercise with mini-cases to solidify leadership lessons.