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Supervisory Officers Program

Supervisory Officers Program

We recognize the key role that senior educators play to deepen and broaden the enabling environment that will best support teachers and students, and we are grateful for the strong interest in the Supervisory Officers Program. We have been impacted by recent changes in funding support for the program, and as a result, The Learning Partnership will be pausing the program in the year ahead to conduct a fulsome external evaluation to programming aligned with the current landscape and future needs. We will be reaching out to key stakeholders to seek their perspectives in advance of launching a new program.

The Ontario Supervisory Officer Executive Leadership program is a comprehensive four module executive leadership development program, designed to encompass leadership practices important in senior district-wide roles common to all supervisory officers. The Learning Partnership has successfully delivered this Executive Leadership program in collaboration with the Rotman School of Management since 2007.
Participating Supervisory Officers should:
  • Develop their personal leadership resources in order to promote effective leadership practices that will have the greatest impact on student achievement and well-being
  • Interpret the operational implications of ministry of education and school district education strategy through leading and managing a coherent drive for district wide education improvement
  • As system-wide leaders, have the capacity to capture the minds and hearts of all the diverse interests in their communities
  • Recognize and embrace the necessary innovations, system and personal changes fundamental to achieving education improvement
  • Be attuned to the high level of transparency and accountability demanded of public sector institutions
  • Exercise the financial and human resource management skills to successfully perform in complex public sector enterprises
  • Develop leadership capacity and coherence in organizations in order to strengthen their ability to deliver on education priorities

Alecia Lantz, Superintendent of Business

"This entire program has been unbelievable in terms of learning and I have found the time we spent with our peer groups was tremendous in supporting our everyday learning and leading within our organizations.  So many topics were discussed and to have that time together is so important, especially being away from our organizations.  It helps to take a step back and think about the work we do “on the organization” rather than “in the organization”."

Program objectives:

  • Introduce new perspectives on leadership drawn from current research and professional practice in education, business and the private sector
  • Enhance the leadership capacity of participants to achieve excellence in public education that is consistent with the goals of the Ontario Leadership Strategy
  • Identify one or more problems of practice and, through collaborations with presenters and co-participants, gain new insights into district-wide education improvement and innovation
  • Incorporate professional learning protocols that provide opportunities to consider how the personal leadership resources have an impact on the successful enactment of leadership practices
  • Orchestrate reflection and learning-focused conversations that centre on applying new insights about leadership practice to individual and unique district contexts
  • Focus on innovation in leadership development methods that will enhance organizational improvement.

Supervisory Officer Executive program

The Learning Partnership has successfully delivered this Executive Leadership program in collaboration with the Rotman School of Management since 2007.