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Turning Points

Turning Points

Turning Points is an impactful program that promotes character awareness, resilience and literacy among Canadian public school students through written expression.
A national program for students in Grades 6 to 12, Turning Points enables students to open up about significant events or experiences in their lives. With the support of their peers and teachers, students explore their values and find the confidence to write a personal essay. The program empowers students to reflect upon their values, promotes resiliency and provides students with the opportunity to expand their literacy skills.
At the culmination of the program, students have the opportunity to become a published author in an annual anthology.

Thanks to the generous support of our partners, this program is available free of charge to schools.


Mike Cosgrove, Teacher

"Not only has Turning Points helped my students grow as writers, it has helped them grow as human beings. By writing, they understand themselves better, and this program provides both encouragement and legitimacy to the process. Without question, participation in Turning Points has been a highlight of my teaching career."

Opportunities for students and teachers

  • Motivates students to express themselves
  • Empowers students to reflect upon their values and life goals
  • Provides students the opportunity to expand their literacy skills
  • Promotes self-awareness
  • Offers teachers engaging classroom processes that reinforce writing skills

Student writers share tales of triumph

Young writers share their award-winning personal essays on significant events in their lives at one of our Turning Points ceremonies.

Thank you to our partner