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Early Learning

Early Learning Resources

The Welcome to Kindergarten enrichment resources were developed with the knowledge of the significant role that play has in early childhood development and learning. These enrichment resources support early learning and the Welcome to Kindergarten Family Orientations.
The resources within the WTK Bag are carefully designed to support early learning in the WTK Orientation sessions and in the home. Our WTK “Learning Through Play” videos offer wonderful suggestions on how these resources can be used. The Family Activities for Early Learners Resource Book offer further play based activities to enjoy!

Play is an important factor in early childhood development and learning - and the Welcome to Kindergarten resources are developed and created with this in mind. Just Playing is a ‘must share’ poem that we are proud to share with you. It illustrates just how and what children develop and learn through play. (With the permission of author and copyright owner Ms. Anita Wadley).
The Learning Partnership is pleased to announce its free Welcome to Kindergarten app that helps pre-kindergarten children develop fundamental skills for a positive start to their school journey. Through this fun, creative app, children play with alphabet and numbers, paint freely with their fingers, discover shapes, learn to share, and sing along with a music player.
Download it now in the App Store for iOS devices, or in the Google Play store for the Android version.

Welcome to Kindergarten -  Music and Lyrics by Bob Schneider
Children’s singer and songwriter, Bob Schneider, has recorded ten songs for the Welcome to Kindergarten program. The songs are fun, interactive and encourage children and their families to join in by singing, dancing and moving to the rhythm of the songs. Use the songs' lyrics and activities to make sure your kids can sing along.

Download the Welcome to Kindergarten songs:

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