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What's New

TLP Student Entrepreneurs in Halifax Raise Over $10,000 for Local Charities

Through The Learning Partnership’s Entrepreneurial Adventure program, the “Leadership 12” class at Sir John A. Macdonald High School in Halifax, Nova Scotia raised over $10,000 for local charities by learning, first-hand, the 21st century skills that are essential to becoming successful entrepreneurs.

With guidance from a business mentor, their teacher, and help from local businesses, the students worked hard to design, market and execute various community events to raise funds for worthy causes that hold strong connections to students in the class.

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More than 100 leaders from business, education, government and students took action together to successfully move young Canadians from school to work... Read more.
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The Learning Partnership’s new Corporate Advisory Board Chair Rick Waugh hosts CEO luncheon for Canadian CEOs and the Ontario Minister of Education... Read more.
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Research to Practice - Taking Action aims to make family and community engagement visible in all communities. Registration is now open... Read more.