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What's New

Exciting Partnership with Munk School of Global Affairs

With a key strategic focus on embracing a global perspective in education, The Learning Partnership is pleased to announce its new partnership with the prestigious Munk School of Global Affairs and the Global Ideas Institute Program.

This exciting program provides a unique, relevant and real-life experience for Grade 11 students with the ultimate goal of helping them learn about the world and to think in a global context. Students will be given the opportunity to tackle a global challenge, a real-world problem without a current solution. In past years, global challenges have included preventable blindness in India, as well as effectively and economically delivering nutrients to children in development regions.
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TLP has more than 40 former teachers and principals on board who have a tremendous amount of expertise on how to make the most of the new school year.
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Queen’s University Chancellor Jim Leech, formerly the CEO of Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, generously donated $10,000 to The Learning Partnership.
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The Learning Partnership is looking for outstanding principals across Canada. Nominate a principal today for their innovative leadership and entrepreneurial spirit in furthering public education!
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