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The Learning Partnership is a national charity dedicated to building stakeholder partnerships to support, promote and advance publicly funded education in Canada. Our staff includes more than 40 former senior educators, with hundreds of years of combined experience in classrooms, principals’ offices and school board positions. This amounts to a great deal of in-house expertise on an array of education-related topics. The Learning Partnership is pleased to share this expertise with the media.

Gerry Connelly
Special Advisor, Education Policy
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The former Director of Education of the Toronto District School Board and Director of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Branch in the Ontario Ministry of Education, Gerry Connelly is an expert on education trends and practices. Her career includes teaching and administration in both rural and urban environments in Alberta, the Northwest Territories, the United States and Ontario, at both the secondary and post-secondary levels.
Jan Courtin
National Director of Student Programs
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Jan Courtin holds a M.Ed., a B.A., and a Supervisory Officer’s Certificate. Fully committed to public education, Jan’s long-standing educational career is founded within Ontario’s Peel District School Board (PDSB) through a number of senior leadership roles including Superintendent of Education, 21st Century Committee Co-Chair and secondary school Principal. She is an advocate for community engagement and mental health education, and has strong experience in shaping rich professional development for teachers that reflect 21st Century teaching and learning and enhanced global awareness.
Areas of Expertise

21st century skills
Business-education partnerships
Career education
Early learning
Entrepreneurship for youth
Extracurricular involvement
Junior to senior transitions
School to work transitions
Parent engagement
Preparing for post-secondary
Student voice
Summer jobs
Technology in schools

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