18 2017

Save the Camp! Financial Initiative receives Empowering Your Communities Award

May 18th 2017

The Learning Partnership is incredibly proud to announce that our partnership with Meridian Credit Union to support financial literacy in Canadian students has been awarded a 2017 Empowering Your Communities Award from Concentra Financial.

Earlier this year, Meridian and The Learning Partnership collaborated to build Save the Camp! a mobile game designed to teach money management skills to students in grades 7–10. Since launching in February, the game has been piloted in classrooms across the Greater Toronto Area, selected as a featured financial tool by The Globe and Mail’s Personal Finance Columnist, Rob Carrick and seen on CP24 - Toronto News.

Special thanks to Meridian for their continued partnership and to Concentra for this recognition. We are honoured to accept one of this year’s top prizes of $25,000 - an award which will enable further investment in the financial education of Canadian students.

About Concentra

Concentra is Canada's leading provider of wholesale finance and trust solutions to credit unions from coast to coast. Concentra is entering our seventh year of celebrating co-operative values and community initiatives across Canada through its Empowering Your Community awards campaign, which is used as a catalyst for building healthy communities in partnership with Credit Unions across the country. For more information on Empowering Your Communities, please visit Concentra’s website.


About Meridian

With over 70 years of banking history, Meridian is Ontario’s largest credit union, helping to grow the lives of more than a quarter of a million Members, including over 23,000 business Members. For more information, please