Partnership Summits

Our education-oriented summits, run through our Policy and Knowledge Mobilization department, are designed to bring together leaders, thinkers and doers from across sectors to seed ideas on how we can work together to address compelling issues on education to secure the future for young Canadians.

These one- or two-day events are collaborative and productive, examining issues, sharing best practices and brainstorming solutions. They also serve to share the different perspectives of each sector and improve understanding between stakeholders.

We believe that if business, government and education collaborate, we can come up with solutions to better prepare students for life after school.

For more information about the Partnership Summits, please send your enquiries to:
Gerry Connelly
Special Advisor, Education Policy
416 440 5125
Did you know?
  • The Learning Partnership's first annual Partnership Summit held in November 2012 brought together 100 leaders from education, business and the community to discuss effective education strategies
  • There was a shortage in certain skilled trades (e.g. motor vehicle mechanics and electric trades) between 2003-2011 across five Canadian provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • Canada’s youth unemployment rate remains stubbornly high at 14.5% - twice the normative unemployment rate and growing
  • There has been a 40% drop in training investment by employers over the past decade