Does year-round schooling improve student success?

Roberta Bondar public school in Brampton, Ontario, is a K-grade 8 school with 852 students. It is the first school in the Peel District School Board to offer a balanced calendar year consisting of 194 school days that are evenly distributed throughout the year. In place of the nine-week summer vacation offered in the traditional school calendar, vacations at Roberta Bondar Public School are scheduled in one-, two-, or, three-week time frames during October, December, February, and March. Four or five weeks of vacation are also scheduled in the month of July. In addition to the formal instructional days, Roberta Bondar Public School offers voluntary, fee-based intersession programs to students during vacation periods for remediation enhancement, and special interest learning opportunities.
In the longitudinal study, Roberta Bondar Public School was compared to the Great Lakes Public School, which operates a traditional calendar year school. The schools were matched based on type of school (K-8), school size, and location and student ethnicity.
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