What is the Canada’s Outstanding Employers Award?

Some employers are great – others are simply outstanding. 
We believe employers that are making exemplary commitments to students – Canada’s future work force – deserve to be recognized. This is why in 2011, we launched the Canada’s Outstanding Employer Awards as an extension of our flagship program, Take Our Kids to Work™. The Canada’s Outstanding Employer Award recognizes employers for their outstanding performance and contribution to Take Our Kids to Work day activities.

Criteria includes:
  1. Promoting the importance of staying in school
  2. Promoting pursuing post-secondary studies
  3. Demonstrating creativity and innovation through engaging and exciting activities for visiting students
  4. Supporting and explaining career choices and benefits of early career exploration

Why does the Canada’s Outstanding Employers Award matter?

It matters to your employees. Opening your doors to your employees’ high school children and friends for a day and ensuring that the students have an exciting and engaging experience builds trust and appreciation for your organization.
Winning Canada’s Outstanding Employer Award makes employees and their families feel proud to be working with the best!
It matters to young students. High School students are closer to their future of thinking about career choices. Spending a ‘day in the life of…’ gives them a first look at what skills they will need as they transition into their professional lives. It allows them an appreciation of their parents/guardians work, and respect for the employer’s commitment to education. 
It matters to employers. Canada’s Outstanding Employer Award confirms to your employees, customers, associates and stakeholders that your organization cares about people. You play a role in the development of young Canadians; build community spirit and employee engagement by supporting worthwhile experiences. It showcases your workplace as progressive and your commitment to social responsibility through advancing the value of education for our young people, and a prosperous future for Canada.
These exclusive awards are for employers who register their Take Our Kids to Work day participation.

How Does Canada’s Outstanding
Awards work?

  1. Companies must first register their participation in Take Our Kids to Work™ day on the first Wednesday in November with us.
  2. They then become eligible to apply for a Canada’s Outstanding Employer Award. Applications typically open in October to give applicants time to review criteria and tailor their applications. The application deadline for 2016 Canada’s Outstanding Employers Award is 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Wednesday, November 9, 2016.
  3. Entries are judged on four criteria based around how the companies engaged secondary school students on Take Our Kids to Work™ day, and how they promoted the benefits of early career exploration.
Canada's Outstanding Employer application
Did You know
  • Each year, 15 companies receive a Canada’s Outstanding Employer Award
  • 250,000 secondary school students take part every year
  • If you register your organization’s participation, you are eligible to apply for the COE Award
  • 30% of Canadian employers currently face a skilled labour shortage. Take Our Kids to Work™ allows students to explore different careers and make informed decisions on their school to work transition.
For more information, contact:
Albert Ko
National Program Manager &
Policy and Research Analyst
416 440 5128