How Take Our Kids to Work Day supports educators
  • Helps educators begin a discussion about career planning and pathways to employment.
  • Reinforces messages educators have been delivering: how important it is to be able to communicate well, the importance of reading and writing skills in the workplace, the importance of being able to work effectively as a team, etc.  from a credible third-party source.
  • Gives students a first-hand experience that can be connected back to the classroom in discussion and career education.

What are the benefits for students & schools?

  • Understanding the importance of staying in school and getting a high school diploma.
  • A knowledge of the skills required in today’s workplaces.
  • An appreciation for their parent’s role in making a living and supporting a family.
  • Serve as a catalyst for career discussion with adults about the work they do.
  • Help students make the connection between education and their future.
  • Help students understand the complexity of career choices and the benefits of early exploration.
  • Allows students to explore career options in practical ways.

Making Connections with Workplaces

The majority of students will go to work with a parent or guardian. However, to involve every student, here are a few tips:

  • Encourage parents and friends to take their son, daughter and/or a friend with them to work.
  • Bring your own child to work with you if he/she is the appropriate age.
  • Work with the cooperative education teacher to identify potential workplaces.
  • Encourage your school and school board to involve its own employees.
  • Invite workplaces that have been involved in the past to expand their participation.​
Your students learn about a lot of things in the classroom, but they won’t be in school forever. Help them experience a day in the life of a mentor.
Take Our Kids to Work at a recreation centre
Take Our Kids to Work at a law firm